Autobiography Of Farmer In English

Autobiography Of Farmer In English

Autobiography Of Farmer In English - 1300 in words

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Autobiography Of Farmer Essay in English Introduction

As we all know India is an agricultural country. Without farmers, grain will not come to our house. Farmers work day and night so that we can get food. About seventy percent of the people of the country are farmers. Farmers plow in the hot sun and grow crops for us. The hard work of a farmer cannot be compared to anyone. The progress of our country also rests on agriculture. I am a farmer and I am proud of myself. Even though I am not that rich but the real happiness is not just in earning money but in producing food grains for the countrymen. I am a farmer. My life is not that easy. My life starts from the fields and ends in the fields. Like a mother and a father raising their children together, Similarly, I also work day and night on the fields. It is always my endeavor to make the barren land fertile. I work so hard to make the barren land fertile. I have to work in the fields all day long. In summer I work barefoot in the fields. This causes blisters on my feet. Whether it is scorching sun or severe cold, I never forget to work hard.

care of crops

I was born in a farmer family. There are no holidays in my work. I live a hard and hard life. I look after the crops every day. For me my fields are not just pieces of the earth, but my life. My life is contained in these pieces of earth. In winter mornings, when everyone is lazy, I plow the fields. I protect my fields from animals. Sometimes when there is a drought, I worry a lot about the crops.


When it doesn't rain enough, I worry. If the crop is ruined, then even two days of bread will not be available and how will the family survive. Due to increasing pollution, natural calamities have troubled us farmers. I have to bow down to natural calamities. Clouds of despair surround us farmers. After fighting the difficulties, you have to start afresh.

care of crops

I watch a bunch of crops day and night. From irrigating the crops to plowing the fields, I do every work with full dedication. In summer, I get sweaty paths from head to toe. But that association with the soil is always there. I never panic and constantly take good care of the crops. All my life, my time was spent in looking after the crops. As a mother takes care of her children, In the same way, I also have the power to take care of the crops and convert the barren land into fertile land. My oxen help me to plow the field. Then I use good quality insecticides. I take regular care of my crops in every season. Many farmers of today are successful and use new equipment to do farming. But not all farmers have enough capital to buy good equipment. The government is trying its best to bring better schemes for the farmers. The government has to take strong steps to remove the pain and helplessness of the farmers.

price of things at present

Nowadays, in this era of inflation, the prices of seeds have become very high. Sometimes I have to borrow money to buy good quality fertilizers and seeds. Then with these materials I try to make the fields fertile.

arrival of rainy season

To me my fields are like my children. When the rainy season comes, I sow new seeds. After a few days when those new seeds sprout, I take care of them like my own child. This gives me great pleasure. When the monsoon arrives on time and there is a moderate amount of rainfall, I am rest assured. But if the rains become excessive then there is a problem like flood. Due to less rainfall, the crisis of drought breaks out.

thriving crop

My happiness knows no bounds when I see my swaying crops. Most of the people living in the village do agriculture. We farmers have to work very hard. Good crop yield brings peace in the lives of us farmers. When we get a good crop, we sell it in the market and it runs our house. We have to do everything from plowing the fields to harvesting the crops. We try to be strong in every situation. But sometimes they get compelled in front of the situation. I am more happy when I look at the thriving crops than it is when a person sees a treasure.

Life is difficult when crops are ruined

If the crop is destroyed in front of any natural calamity, then a mountain of troubles breaks out. If the crop gets damaged due to flood or lack of rain, then we have to suffer a lot. There is no money left to take care of the family. In such a difficult situation, our situation becomes painful.

no help

People in the world call us farmers as food donors. When my crops are destroyed, sorry no one supports me. I have to take loan from moneylenders. When crops are destroyed, no compensation is given. After that the pressure of repaying the loan disturbs my life. Unfortunately there is no help from anywhere. When the crops are not good then the time of sorrow begins.

No help from political parties

When the crops get ruined, the political parties also turn away from their promises. Political parties, we talk about supporting the farmers to win the elections. When the need arises, he goes back on his promises. Ignore our troubles. When we farmers go to them asking for our rights, they drive us away.

grab farmers' land

Many builders keep their eyes on our fertile land. Although my land was not grabbed, but many builders have grabbed the land of my farmer brothers and built factories and big buildings on it. Buildings can be constructed even on an ordinary land, why do we use farms for that?

believe in hard work

I always believe in my confidence and hard work. Difficulties come in life, but in many places we farmers do not get the rights that we should get. I will fulfill my duty with devotion, God will take care of it further.


We should support the countrymen in the difficult times of farmers. If the countrymen do not support the farmers, then they will also have to face difficulties for food items like grains, fruits etc. and will have to buy them at double the price. We get inspiration from the hard working life of the farmers that we should never panic in the most difficult situation.

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Autobiography Of Farmer In English