Autobiography Of Dog In English

Autobiography Of Dog In English

Autobiography Of Dog In English - 1100 in words

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Autobiography Of Dog Essay in English Introduction

Of all the animals, the dog is the closest to humans. If they are given even a little love, they become loyal animals of man. Nowadays dogs of all types of species are found. Some people buy them and some people keep the dog living on the streets at home and make it their own. The dog is always alert and guards its owner. A dog is a very clever animal. He understands the feelings of human beings. He always wants to be around whomever he loves. Dogs become man's best friend. Dogs are well trained at home. He does not allow unknown people to come near him. He protects his master from unknown people, thieves etc. Dogs are very helpful. Whenever the owner needs him, he is there to help. I am a dog and today I am going to tell my autobiography.

i am a dog

Humans keep dogs in their homes. Love us and I protect my master's house. Humans have a lot of love for us dogs. My boss had picked me up from the road and brought me. He lovingly kept me, gave me food and gave me a roof to live in. I will be forever grateful for this. Whenever the time comes, my master and his children play with me. I really like their belongingness.


My sense of smell is my strength. Once I smell a person, thing, etc., I never forget it. That's why many dogs like me are trained by the police. So that we can catch criminals by our sense of smell. We help the police in identifying the criminals.

help the police

I help the police in catching the thieves. In many places where a crime is committed, dogs are taken for investigation. I investigate the place thoroughly and then help the police in catching the criminals.

protect loved ones

The main duty of us dogs is to protect our loved ones. save them from troubles. When I see any unknown person near my house, I start barking. I protect my master from unknown people. If an unknown person enters the house without my master's permission, I do not tolerate and bite him. I catch thieves and people with bad intentions. If a dog bites a person, they have to get an injection. That's why some people keep distance from me. I don't like it if someone treats me badly.

faithful servant

Like a faithful servant, I take care of my master. Most of my time goes into housekeeping. My boss gives me good and nutritious food. Thieves cannot enter the house, because I always protect the house and the members.

i'm cute and cute

I am white in complexion and I find everyone very attractive. Everyone loves me very much. I recognize him by the sound of the master even before his arrival. I am separated from my own family members, but I love this new family. He takes care of me.

time with boss

My boss gives me good quality food. I love to eat bread. I have a lot of fun when my boss plays with me with the ball and all kinds of things. The owner's children also play with me with love. I take good care of them too. All the family members care about me.

available in many colors

Dogs are of many colors and breeds. People buy dogs as per their wish and keep them in their homes. Generally people like to keep dogs. They feel belonging to us. Some people are so afraid of me that they run away just because of my barking. I really enjoy running with other people and animals. I guard my master's house round the clock. Whenever I see a suspicious person, I just start barking.

understand the feelings

The person who loves me, I love him equally. I can understand every emotion. When my boss is sad, I try to make him happy.

well trained

I always take care of my master's needs by being a faithful servant. When he comes from office, I keep his bag in the room. I have been well trained by my boss. That's why I can do so many different things. Whenever the owner and his family go out for a walk, he takes me along. They are always worried about me as much as they care about me.

owner's ownership

My master has given me a nice and comfortable bed to sleep in. I sleep soundly. I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to become a member of the family in such a house. The owner and his family consider me a part of their family. They do not like any unknown person to treat me badly. I get emotional seeing so much belongingness.

i don't forget anything

I like to eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If I see a person once, it gets imprinted in my mind. I'll never recognize that person. I don't forget anything.

people befriend me

I mix with all people if they meet me with love. I am so sweet that people instantly befriend me. That's why people quickly befriend me.

people give names with love

Humans get so attached to us dogs that they love to give us many names. It feels great when he affectionately calls us by some name. We are very happy to show sympathy towards us. We love that person very much and want to be with him forever. Sometimes many dogs like us would stand at a door to avoid rain or trouble. When some people drive us away from there, it feels bad. There are also some good people who give food to dogs on the way. In this, we dogs become very happy.


Nowhere will man find a faithful animal like us. People like us throw stones at many dogs on the way, driving them away. Shouldn't do that. Humans should treat them well. Humans suffer from bad behavior, so do dogs.

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Autobiography Of Dog In English